Annual Return (Guide)

What is an Annual Return for a Hong Kong Private Company?

A Hong Kong incorporated private company must file an annual return each year via the NAR1 form.

The annual return consists of the information of particulars of the company including:

  • Address of the registered office (of the business)
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Company secretary

When to File an Annual Return (for a HK Private Company)?

The Hong Kong company must file an annual return every year to the (HK) Registrar of Companies within 42 days after the anniversary date when the company has been incorporated.

When a company fails to file the annual return before the deadline, it is a criminal offence. In principle, the company and the persons responsible for the company are eligible for being prosecuted.

The Companies Registry will not extend the statutory time limit for the submission of annual return.

The deadline date for the submission of the annual return remains unchanged when the date happens to fall on a Saturday.

Where to Submit the Annual Return?

The annual return (with the annual registration fee of HK$105) must be submitted to the Companies Registry.

When paying with a cheque, it must be made payable to the Companies Registry.

The annual return (and the required fee) may be filed in electronic form through the e-Registry.

How to Prepare for the Annual Return?

Hard copy form

Download and fill in the NAR1 form, either in English or Chinese.

A director or the company secretary must print and sign the annual return.

Submit the completed annual return with the annual registration fee to Hong Kong Companies Registry.


Or you may file the annual return through e-Registry.

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Late Filing of Annual Return

Late annual return (of the HK private company) will lead to a higher fee ranging from HK$870 to HK$3,480.
The higher registration fee (due to late filing) will not be waived.

The normal registration fee is HK$105.

The fee is HK$870 when the annual return is submitted more than 42 days after but within 3 months after the company’s return date.

The fee becomes HK$1,740 when the annual return is submitted more than 3 months after but within 6 months after the company’s return date.

The fee becomes HK$2,610 when the annual return is filed more than 6 months after but within 9 months after the company’s return date.

The fee becomes HK$3,480 when the annual return is filed more than 9 months after the company’s return date.

Late annual return filing may lead to prosecution of the company and the persons responsible. If convicted, the maximum penalty may be HK$50,000 for each breach. In the case of a continuing offence, a daily fine of HK$1,000 may apply.

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