NNC1 Form

Incorporation Form for HK Company Limited by Shares

Two forms are available: NNC1 and NNC1G

NNC1 form lets you incorporate a new company limited by shares. NNC1 is for profit company registration.

NNC1G form enables you to register a new company limited by guarantee. NNC1G is for non-profit company incorporation.

With the NNC1 form, you can register either a private company or a public company in Hong Kong.

The form is in both English and Chinese (Traditional) languages.

Fill in the NNC1 Form

You will have to complete the NNC1 form when incorporating a limited company in Hong Kong. The information includes:

  • Company name
  • Company type
  • Business registered address
  • Email address
  • Presentor
  • Shares capital
  • Shareholders names and particulars
  • Directors names and particulars
  • Company secretary name and particulars

Company Name

Fill in a proposed company name. Two fields are available for filling in your proposed company name. One field is for the English name, and the other field is for the Chinese name.

Duplicate names are not allowed to be registered i.e. A name that has been recorded in the Companies Registrar is not available for you to register as your new HK company name. You can find out if a name is available for registration performing a search at:


Company Type

Select (check) the type of company. You should check Private.

Business Registered Address

Enter the office address of your company. Actually it is a commercial address, a registered office address, or a physical store address of location where your business operates. Whether it is an office address, or a store address, it depends on the nature of your actual business.

If you happen to run your business from home or from remote locations that are not fixed, then you may not have a physical business address. In this case, you can sign up to use a local Hong Kong company secretary service. A typical company secretary service (in HK) should always be able to provide you a business registered address (with a small annual fee).

Email Address

Fill in an email address of your company i.e. Usually it is the company email address that you want to receive emails regarding the registration of your company, and all other related information in the future.


There is this presentor role. This presentor role is important. The purpose of having is presentor is that the person is responsible for the collection of certificate of incorporation and business registration certificate, on behalf of the company. In the NNC1 form, you must specific a person as a presentor.

Share Capital

Specify the share capital information i.e. share structure.

You need to issue at least 1 share. There is no limit on how many shares you can issue. But all the shares must be allocated to someone.

Let’s say you may issue 10,000 shares in 10,000 HK dollar of capital.

Or you may issue share capital in other currencies including USD, GBP, CNY (RMB), EUR, etc.

Names and Particulars of Shareholders

Shareholders are usually the founding members of the business. The particulars of all shareholders must be entered into the NNC1 form. The particulars include names, passport numbers (or HKID card numbers), residential addresses, contact numbers, etc.

Name and Particulars of Director

Enter the name and particulars of the director which include passport number (or HKID card number), residential address, contact number, etc.

The director may be a natural person or a body corporate. When the director is a body corporate, then the director cannot be a sole director of the company. A natural person must also be appointed as a director of the company.

Name and Particulars of Company Secretary

Fill in the name and particulars of the company secretary.

The company secretary may be a natural person (who lives in HK, or possesses a residential address in HK), or a body corporate (which is a company registered in Hong Kong).

The sole director of the company cannot be appointed as the company secretary.

Usually, you can sign up for a Hong Kong company secretary service, and the service will act as the secretary of your company.

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